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Sometimes you have a quick question that needs answering or a little more information to make the next step, so that's why we've provided some common questions, along with solutions and suggestions to help you along!


Our two bathroom sinks drain slowly and water comes up in the other. Why?  

Sink lines fill up with lint, grease, and soap scum, leaving a film on the piping and slowing the water flow. A hand snake can open minor clogs as long as the clog isn't under the floor (you need a plumber then.) Once cleaned, use a drain cleaner to keep the line open.

Our bathtub drain is clogged with grout. Does running hot water and using a snake fix it?

Unfortunately, no. Concrete and grout are used to make larger sewer lines. Since grout sets up under water, you might need a licensed plumber to clear it. There's no easy solution to this problem, but try snaking the line after removing the bathtub's trap.

Should we have our kitchen drain cleaned if it's draining slowly?

First, try using our Roto-Rooter brand drain maintenance products, available at your local Roto-Rooter office. They effectively remove the usual build-up of soap scum, grease, and hair.

What drain cleaning product gets my drains flowing better?

We recommend an enzyme-type cleaner, like Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield®. The enzymes eat the grease and keep the pipe from filling with sludge, and can prevent build-up for up to 30 days.
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